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Why should you book with me?

I’m an acquiring editor at Page Street Publishing, a mid-size press that’s distributed by Macmillian. Prior to joining Page Street, I was an editorial assistant at Entangled Publishing, so not only do I know what it takes for your manuscript to stand out in the slush pile—but on the shelves too. With me, you will receive the professional care of a big house editor, with the personal touch of a cheerleader who wants nothing more than to see her clients succeed!

I am a writer myself and am represented by Christa Heschke at McIntosh & Otis Literary. So I have been in your shoes! I have also mentored in a number of contests including Pitch Wars. Former mentees and clients of mine have gone on to sign with ICM Partners, Andrea Brown Literary, and DeFiore and Co., as well as publishers Henry Holt/ Macmillan and Flux books!

I am open to Middle Grade through Adult manuscripts, encompassing all genres of commercial fiction (including erotica!), though I specialize in YA and Adult speculative fiction and romance. No literary fiction or nonfiction, please!

To book, please fill out my contact page complete with your name, book title, genre, word count, and which services you are interested in. All payments will be processed via Paypal. If you book at least 4 weeks in advance for a full manuscript critique or reader report, you will have the option of paying 1/2 upfront with the other 1/2 due upon receipt of the manuscript.

 Small Critiques

Availability: Immediately

Query Critique or first page critique for a $10 donation to the Gullah/ Geechee Land and Legacy Fund!

CLICK HERE to donate and save your receipt. Message me through my contact page.

In-Depth Query Help – $40, includes up to 3 reads

I know, I’ve been there. Taking your precious 50k+ word manuscript and diluting it down to its bare-bones while also hooking that potential agent is tough! As an editor, though, I love working with queries, and sometimes that impartial eye is all you need to help see your story in a new light.

If you are struggling to get requests, or you don’t know where to start with your query, this is the package for you! Through three back-and-forth passes, I will help you find the hook of your story and draft a killer query letter!

Conference Pitch Help – $50

While the most common way to land an agent is through the slush pile, I met my fabulous agent Christa at a writer’s conference. With this package, we will go over your query-pitch three times (just like with the in-depth query critique), and then we will meet via Skype or Google Hangouts so you can practice your pitch with me, just like you would at a real conference! If you are planning on attending a conference, this is a great way to both hone your pitch and gain confidence reciting it.

Synopsis Help – $60, includes two version, two passes each

In this package, I will help you craft the two versions of a synopsis an agent is most likely to ask for: the 1-page synopsis (single spaced, no-indent) and the full synopsis (3-4 double-spaced pages). You must have a rough-draft synopsis to use as a jumping off point. Using that, I will go line-by-line through your synopsis and suggest what you can cut, where a reader might get confused, and where more information is needed for each version.

In-Depth Submissions Package – $120

This package includes everything in the In-depth Query Help and Synopsis Help Package (three passes on query, two passes on two different lengths of synopsis) + an in-depth critique of your first ten pages.

The BIG SUB Package – $200

This is the ultimate submissions package! It includes everything in the In-depth Submissions Package (three passes on query, two passes on two different lengths of synopsis) + an in-depth critique of your partial manuscript (first 50 pages) AND video chat consultation to coach you through the trenches!

 Full Manuscript Critiques


Note: For all Full Manuscript critiques I offer a free three-page sample read before you decide to book!

Reader Reports – .004 cents per word (ex. 50k manuscript = $200)

If you’re looking for a beta read, or you’re in the trenches and getting requests but struggling to secure that elusive offer, this is the package for you! With it, you will receive an in-depth edit letter, comparable to what a first pass edit letter would look like from a New York publishing house. The edit letter will highlight your manuscript’s strengths as well as address any concerns I have. I will illustrate these concerns using examples from the text and offer suggestions on how to correct them. This is a great, affordable alternative to the “The Works” package that will help you see past the nit-picking, small-scale issues and discover what is necessary to help your manuscript reach its full potential! This package does not include in-manuscript comments.

Line Edit, aka “The Works” – .008 cents per word (ex. 50k manuscript = $400)

This is the most in-depth critique I offer. In this package, I will go line-by-line through your whole manuscript, leaving comments, edits, and reader reactions as necessary. I will also catch typos that stand out, although the main focus of this package will be to take an in-depth look at structure, plot problems, and character motivations. You will also receive the same industry standard edit letter available in the Reader Report package. This option is perfect for a manuscript that has been through self-revisions and critique partners, but needs the impartial eye of an editor in order to take it to the next level!

BONUS: With all Full Manuscript critiques I am available for FREE Skype/Google Hangouts consult to discuss my suggestions.

“I’ll start with the facts – after working with Ashley, I got 32 full requests on my manuscript and 15 offers of representation. To say she is an editing/pitching genius is a complete understatement. Ashley is amazing to work with because she has incredible instincts, a detail-oriented eye, and is always able to provide suggestions to help you fix any problems in your manuscript. I loved every single moment I got to work with her and will be hiring her for any manuscript I ever write. If you’re serious about your writing career, do yourself a big favor and start working with her today!”

-Tomi Adeyemi, author of CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE (Macmillan, 2018)

Ashley made my writing stronger by tackling both large and small concerns. Her editorial letter—straight-forward, easy to follow, inspiring—outlined the global changes she wanted to see. They were things I’d never thought of, but she helped me understand not only how the changes might be implemented, but why they would make the book stronger. All in all, my writing’s never looked so good. Her editorial notes are worth every penny!”

-Maura Jortner, represented by Jennifer March-Soloway, Andrea Brown Literary

“She went above and beyond the simple critique I expected and gave me a detailed line-edit as well. I used her suggestions to polish my opening chapters and then landed an agent shortly after. She helped me make my writing shine by pointing out all the little problems that are hard to identify in your own work. My agent was impressed with the revision I turned in after utilizing all of Ashley’s notes. I highly recommend working with her if you need to smooth out plot problems in your manuscript or beef up your MC’s voice. She definitely works magic!”

-Tammy Subia, YA author represented by Whitley Abell, Inklings Literary

“Although my opening was getting requests, my manuscript still needed some work and I was at a loss at what I needed to change to make it better. Ashley’s notes let me see my book in a whole new light. Her explanations were clear, her notes were insightful, and she made me really excited to dive into revisions because she let me see the improved book that was lurking within the pages.”

– Emily Victoria, YA author represented by Rebecca Strauss, DeFiore and Co

“Ashley’s feedback on my manuscript was both thoughtful and inspiring. Her notes were helpful, professional, and prepared me for my next round of revisions. She took the time to get to know me and answered any questions thoroughly and respectfully. I’m currently querying my manuscript and feel confident that I’m putting my best foot forward, thanks to her help!”

– Ashley Jackson, YA Southern Gothic author

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