Writing conferences and workshops are opening up again, and I’d love to be considered for your faculty! Here are samples of the breakout sessions I’ve already prepared, as well as a list of topics I can cover for your workshops or panels.

I hope my workshops offer fresh perspectives on storytelling fundamentals, which can help authors at every level hone their craft!

Topics I’m Available to Cover:

  • Young Adult Fiction
  • Querying Agents/ Editors
  • Effective Pitches and Comparison Titles
  • Market Trends
  • Plotting Novel-Length Fiction
  • Character Development
  • World building

Four Act Structure Plotting: How to Avoid the “Saggy Middle”

Highly Acclaimed!

This workshop introduces writers to a narrative modeling method which emphasizes the midpoint turning point. By dividing the traditional Three-Act structure into four acts, writers can more effectively avoid a second-act slump and craft more consistently paced stories.

Former students and mentees have gone on to write bestselling novels and credited this workshop with helping them "crack the code" of the their books! 

A Certain Type: Developing Complex Characters Using the Enneagram

New Workshop!

This workshop introduces writers to the Enneagram personality typing system which maps out nine different patterns of behavior based on how people interpret the world and manage their emotions. By delving deeper into their characters’ psychology writers can more effectively understand their characters’ core motivations and fears to develop more compelling characters.

Interested in bringing a bestselling editor to your critique group, retreat weekend, or online writing workshop? I’m also available for small groups! Get in touch via my contact page for rates and availability.
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