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I’m acquiring only YA at this time. Page Street accepts submissions from agented and un-agented authors.

In general, I’m drawn to high concept stories with a unique twist and an unforgettable voice. I’m especially interested in fantasy, paranormal, horror, magical realism, quirky contemporary, character-driven contemporary, romance, and historicals—with a special affinity for atmospheric stories that offer a strong sense of place and time. In all genres, I’m actively seeking inclusive stories and diverse voices.

I’m particularly on the lookout for:

  • Historical novels both fantasy and realistic—especially overlooked or underrepresented stories in history (though I’m pickier when it comes to 20th century history). Examples of what I’m looking for: DREAD NATION and BLOOD COUNTESS!
  • Dark fantasy, gothic fantasy, horror-fantasy blends, and stories with subversive religious themes. Think SERPENT & DOVE, WICKED SAINTS, and THE YEAR OF THE WITCHING.
  • I’m especially on the lookout for contemporary fantasy, urban fantasy, and paranormal right now. Examples: A BLADE SO BLACK, THE DEVOURING GRAY, and CEMETERY BOYS.
  • Folkloric fantasy and fairytales with lush world building and gorgeous prose like WINTERWOOD, SORCERY OF THORNS, and HOUSE OF SALT & SORROWS.
  • Speculative fiction and with a lightly dystopian angle like WILDER GIRLS and WE SET THE DARK ON FIRE. Give me something that’s impossible to fit in one category.
  • Character-driven contemporary with a commercial hook and an outstanding voice like DON’T DATE ROSA SANTOS and WITH A FIRE ON HIGH. Plus, stories featuring teens with unique jobs like HOT DOG GIRL.
  • For everything listed above, I want to see more body diversity, more queer stories, more inclusive casts and worlds, and more disability rep!

Some oddly specific things I’d love to see:

  • A cheerleading book (Gay BRING IT ON)!
  • A story with a Type 1 Diabetic protagonist!
  • Stories like WEATHERING WITH YOU where climate/ weather is the antagonist!

Submissions should be emailed to

Make sure to label YA in the subject line. If you are an agent, write AGENTED in the subject line as well.

Please label your submission YA and state the title of your manuscript in the subject line of your email. Include a query (1-2 pages) with the first three chapters of your manuscript in the body of your email.

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