I’m acquiring mostly YA at this time. Peachtree is only accepting submissions from agents and requests.

I’m especially on the lookout for high-concept stories with a standout voice, and stories with strong coming of age themes that speak strongly to teen issues, without those issues defining the plot. I’m especially interested in light fantasy, magical realism, genre-bending speculative fiction, character-driven contemporary, humorous voices, and historical novels, with a special affinity for stories that offer a strong sense of place and time. In all submissions, I’m prioritizing inclusive, diverse stories and marginalized voices.

I’m particularly on the lookout for:

  • BIPOC voices
  • Queer stories, especially intersectionally queer stories
  • Body diversity
  • Character-driven contemporary with a commercial hook and outstanding voice
  • Stories that read like a sweet, slice-of-life anime
  • Found family and platonic love (queer friend groups!)
  • Historical novels featuring overlooked figures and underrepresented voices in history
  • Southern stories, particularly BIPOC and/or queer southern stories
  • Magical realism and surrealism
  • Genre-bending speculative stories
  • Horror
  • Thrillers with a speculative twist
  • Atmospheric fantasy with lush world building and gorgeous prose
  • Folklore
  • Contained settings (boarding schools, small towns, islands), and settings that feel like a character

Examples: Don’t Date Rosa Santos, You Should See Me in a Crown, Weight of Our Sky, With a Fire on High, Hot Dog Girl, Wilder Girls, We Set the Dark on Fire, House of Salt & Sorrows, Wicked Fox, Ghost Wood Song, Sawkill Girls.

Some oddly specific things I’d love to see:

  • A cheerleading book (Gay BRING IT ON)!
  • A story with a Type 1 Diabetic protagonist!
  • Stories like WEATHERING WITH YOU where climate/ weather is the antagonist!
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