As an Associate Editor for Page Street Publishing, I’Page Street Logom acquiring only YA at this time. Page Street accepts submissions from agented and un-agented authors.

In general, I’m drawn to high concept stories with a unique twist and an unforgettable voice. I’m especially interested in fantasy, gothic horror, paranormal, magical realism, quirky contemporary, romance, and historicals—with a special affinity for atmospheric stories that offer a strong sense of place and time. Anything “Southern” and/or “sporty” is my kryptonite. And in all genres, I’m actively seeking inclusive stories and diverse voices.

Particularly on the lookout for:

  • Southern gothic—salt marshes and sweet tea, porch swings and haunted plantations. Would especially love to find an authentic hoodoo book.
  • Multicultural horror or paranormal. I’m looking for something unique here that doesn’t feel like the angels/ demons/ vampires of 2010. Give me the creature tales of non-western cultures. Particularly looking for #ownvoices here.
  • A sweeping, epic LQBTQ+ fantasy with world building that moves beyond gender binaries and heteronormativity.
  • Magical realism in the vein of Anna-Marie McLemore. Or something contemporary with a touch of magic and ton of atmosphere like Lydia Kang’s upcoming THE NOVEMBER GIRL.
  • A contemporary mystery or romance set at a Renaissance Fair or in a SCA guild.
  • Historical retellings or AU history. I’m particularly interested in colonial America and the US Civil War, Greek and Roman History, Persian history, and Biblical retellings. Would love to find a YA Trojan War or Alexander the Great (…or a gender-swapped Alexandra the Great!) story, a kick-ass YA Esther, or something in the vein of WGN’s Underground.
  • Sports stories! I was a sports producer in my life before publishing. Basketball, football, hockey, ice skating, track and field, surfing, rock climbing…bring it all! Would especially love a fencing story or something set in the world of competition cheerleading.
  • Contemporary stories of teens doing amazing things! Competing in the Olympics, finding cures for diseases, becoming bestselling authors, Youtube sensations, and advocates for social justice. I’m always blown away by what passionate people can accomplish at any age.

In all stories I love:

  • Setting! – novels set in unexpected or underrepresented locales such as Africa, the Arctic, the Himalayas, the Pacific islands, and the deep south. I love enclosed spaces and settings that seem normal on the outside, but are strange on the inside. I especially love settings that feel like characters themselves.
  • Romance – Enemies-to-lovers and forbidden romances are my favorite. I love romance that starts out as a rivalry!
  • LGBTQIA+ and intersectional stories.
  • Inclusive stories and diverse perspectives! #ownvoices!
  • Strong sibling relationships

Submissions should be emailed to

Make sure to label YA in the subject line. If you are an agent, write AGENTED in the subject line as well.

Please label your submission YA and state the title of your manuscript in the subject line of your email. Include a query (1-2 pages) with the first three chapters of your manuscript in the body of your email.

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